Introducing “Digital Tools, Real Life,” A New Podcast from WarnerBoothe

On October 16, WarnerBoothe launched its first episode of “Digital Tools, Real Life,” a new podcast available on the Apple Podcast network.

A collection of inspiring stories, interviews, and insights, “Digital Tools, Real Life” examines how the things that matter most to us—our ideas, relationships, aspirations, beliefs, and choices—are being influenced by the digital age. Technology is a central theme, but the podcast aims to explore something much deeper—a dialogue about what technology is actually intended to serve: real life. “One influences the other,” says co-host Cynthia Collier, “and to think about one without the other means we’re not considering either in a holistic way.”

In “Digital Tools, Real Life,” the team at WarnerBoothe will explore questions like, “What would happen if we were more interested in the quality of our online relationships than in the number of people we are connected to?” And, “How can we make our digital interactions with others more uplifting, nurturing, and peace-making?” Or even, “How can our deliberate use of digital tools expand our opportunities to communicate in more meaningful ways than we ever could have imagined a decade ago?”


The first episode of “Digital Tools, Real Life,” entitled “Human Understanding,” draws on simple stories about mis-understanding as the beginning of a rich discussion about how we can all improve the way we communicate online. Collier and her co-host, Paul Walstad, invite listeners to think about how, in a digital world that is often self-centered, each one of us can take personal responsibility to look beyond ourselves, see the needs of others, and engage in a way that lifts, nourishes, and blesses.


The episode also features Nathan Mitchell, co-director of the Anasazi Foundation, who makes a guest appearance and shares ideas for bringing purpose back into our online relationships. “Have you figured out what your purpose to be on Instagram is?” he asks. “When I try to figure out why I’m here on Instagram today, it invites me to think about other people. It’s an invitation to think about what you can give.”


Click here to listen to episode 1: “Human Understanding,” and subscribe to receive the next episode of “Digital Tools, Real Life” in mid November.